Caucasian Mountain Canine – The Little Recognized Large That Resembles The Canine’s Distant Cousin, The Bear!

The Caucasian Mountain Canine also referred to as the Caucasian Ovtcharka is an historic breed that for hundreds of years was little identified outdoors the distant areas from which it hails, specifically the Caucasus which incorporate: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Iran and Turkey. The Caucasian Mountain Dog or Ovtcharka (in Russian Ovtcharka means shepherd or sheepdog) is a member of the working group of canine breed and regardless of its appellation of sheepdog/shepherd this canine was by no means a livestock herder however moderately a guardian or protector which matches a great distance in explaining its not inconsiderable measurement! The Caucasian Mountain canine was bred to guard livestock towards wolves, bears and different predators; in reality the Caucasian Ovtcharka has an uncanny resemblance to a bear!

Thought of till pretty not too long ago by many to be a descendent of the Tibetan Mastiff, up to date archeological proof means that its ancestry originated from historic canines that lived within the woody hills of Iraq and Mesopotamia. It’s believed that assorted canine varieties that accompanied nomadic tribes that settled within the Caucasus areas, with little intervention and interference from outdoors influences, finally advanced into the Caucasian Mountain Canine.

Up till the 1930s, the Caucasian Ovtcharka was little identified outdoors its house vary till it began showing in European canine exhibits in Germany. Round 1952 the Caucasian Mountain Canine was sub-divided into two distinct breeds: the Transcaucasian Ovtcharka which is usually the heavier-boned, large canine that hails from the mountainous areas; and the Caucasian Ovtcharka, the much less closely constructed sort that originates from the steppe areas.

In 1976 the 2 sub-breeds have been consolidated and reclassified as one breed, and today the Caucasian Mountain Canine is predicted to adapt to a single customary. Be that as it could nevertheless, the varied sub-breeds can nonetheless be differentiated regionally from the varied territories of the previous USSR and these days probably the most coveted sort of Caucasian Mountain Canine is the so-called Georgia sub-breed which is characteristically a thick-coated, heavy-boned, large canine that the majority intently resembles a bear.

The potential of the Caucasian Mountain Canine as rather more than a Livestock Guardian Canine (LGD) was rapidly realized by the now defunct Soviet Military and shortly sufficient this canine breed was employed each throughout peace and conflict time as auxiliary army “personnel” inside the expanse of the Soviet Union. Within the late 1960s the Caucasian Ovcharka was extensively launched to East Germany particularly for border patrol responsibility, fore principally to patrol the notorious Berlin Wall. When the Berlin Wall got here toppling down in 1989, the by-then, not less than 7000-strong unit of Caucasian Mountain Canines employed to patrol the Wall’s perimeter was disbanded and plenty of of these canines discovered new properties inside the newly emancipated civilian inhabitants!


This canine breed was developed to protect flocks and livestock and therefore has a robust inherent guardian/protector trait. A lot as a Border Collie household canine will are inclined to herd its household in its place flock of sheep, the Caucasian Mountain Canine can have the tendency to be considerably protecting of its rapid household, a attribute that has apparent advantages however maybe much less apparent penalties. The Caucasian Ovcharka is a strong-willed (some may say cussed) breed of canine that requires a firmer hand for correct socialization and coaching. The so-called cussed nature of this canine sort isn’t a surprise when one considers that it was bred over a whole lot of years for these precise qualities.

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This canine was bred to largely exist impartial of people (apart from its shepherd) and was bred to co-exist with the livestock it was guarding; thus the Caucasian Mountain canine breed is inherently cautious of strangers be they individuals or animals. Unsurprisingly, the Caucasian Ovtcharka is most lively at night time (livestock predators are inclined to hunt below the duvet of night time) and although it could give the impression that it is a large lazy dozing canine, on the slightest trace of intruders the Caucasian Mountain Canine will nimbly get to its ft, sound the alarm (barking) and instantly go to confront the menace!

The Caucasian Ovcharka takes the safety of its territory (today think about that the household yard) very severely and can think about any encroachment by a stranger as a menace. Regardless of its formidable measurement this canine is characterised by means of minimal pressure to dissuade any menace. Such minimal pressure might doubtless take the type of confronting the predator and barking and growling aggressively; often that is sufficient to change the minds of most intruders as a result of very like its wild Canid counterparts, this previous canine breed nonetheless retains the mindset that bodily (or lethal) pressure must be a final resort because it tends to be counter productive (i.e., damage to both occasion).

Any Good With Children?

As beforehand famous this canine breed tends to substitute its rapid household for the livestock it was selectively bred to guard; in different phrases this canine is strongly protecting of members of its household. Therefore you will need to perceive that this canine may understand rambunctious or tough kid’s play between a member of the family and a pal (as is the tendency with boys) to be a menace and its hardwired protect-the-flock genetics will instantly kick in!

Thus it’s vitally crucial to correctly socialize this canine breed and likewise clarify to your youngsters that simply because they know that “Shaggy” would by no means damage them, they need to perceive that the identical might not go for his or her associates except the canine is aware of them effectively (i.e., has accepted them as an extension of its flock). Clearly with a canine this measurement all exercise round babies must be supervised, as a result of although the household pet might not intend hurt, it is a large canine that in the course of the warmth of play might simply overlook its formidable power and measurement and will by chance damage a younger baby!

The Query Of Condo Dwelling?

By and huge the Caucasian Mountain Canine doesn’t make the perfect condominium dweller. Though like most large canines its power degree is considerably low this canine breed is inherently nocturnal and was bred to alert and warn of, and off intruders. In different phrases your love in your Caucasian Mountain Canine may effectively translate into hatred out of your neighbors as a result of your Caucasian Ovcharka is driving them loopy with its nightly cacophony (barking…which is very true in case your neighbors are creatures of the night time aka occasion animals).

Interactivity With Different Canines

From a genetic view level the Caucasian Mountain Canine was by no means bred to be overly pleasant with different canids be they canines or wolves, as a result of as a flock guardian it might have been anticipated to beat back all potential predators which naturally would have included feral canines. Nevertheless as with most any breed of canine well timed and correct socialization often overcomes any unfriendliness in the direction of different canines or animals on this breed!

Caucasian Mountain Canine Breed Normal

At present there look like conflicting breed requirements which could possibly be partially defined by the completely different sub-breeds and the late acceptance of this breed into the AKC; as of now this canine breed has no AKC rating. Solely not too long ago has the AKC moved to formally acknowledge this canine breed (Could 2007) although the Caucasian Ovcharka has been on report with the FSS (Basis Inventory Companies) since 1996. From January of 2008 the Caucasian Mountain Canine will likely be allowed to formally compete within the AKC Companion Occasions.

Measurement Necessities:

The next peak measurements are for the mature canine and are measured as much as the shoulder bone.

Top of Males:     25.5 – 30 inches (64cm – 70cm)

Top Females:   24.5 and upwards

Weight of Males:   100lbs + (45kg – 70 kg)

Weight Females:   80lbs +   (37kg – upwards)

It must be famous nevertheless that for the Kavkazskaya Ovcharka Breed (the Georgian Caucasian Mountain Canine sub-breed that the majority intently resembles a bear) the requisite dimensions differ significantly:

Top of Male:  28.three – 29.5 inches (72cm – 75cm; minimal is 68cm or 26.eight inches)

Feminine Top: – 27.2 inches (66cm – 69cm; minimal is 64 cm or 25.2 inches)

Naturally the load of the Kavkazskaya Ovcharka Breed will are typically considerably heavier and it isn’t uncommon for males to high 180lbs!

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